Singapore is an island nation, both a city and a country, located just off the southern tip of Malaysia in Southeast Asia. Although located just east of Sumatra in Indonesia and west of Borneo, Singapore is a highly developed country with a strong economy.

LOCATION: : South- east Asia

CAPITAL: Singapore

MAIN LANGUAGE: : English; Malay; Mandarin and Tamil

CURRENCY: : Singapore dollar (SGD)

GDP: : $537.447 billion (2018 estimate)

- Aerospace Engineering Chemicals         - Infrastructure & Industrial Solutions          - Clean Energy                          - Consumer Business
- Electronics                                                - Energy                                                            - Environment and Water         - Healthcare
- Marine and Offshore Engineering           - Media and Entertainment                            - Medical Technology              - Precision Engineering
- Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology     - Professional Services


Singapore is the multi-racial and multi-cultural environment. Broaden your horizon in this vibrant nation with a melting pot of Chinese, Malay, Indian and Eurasian cultures and many other races. Singapore was ranked as one of QS’s top three “Best Student Cities” in 2013. Because of Singapore’s renown superiority in the field of education, employers increasingly seek out its grads — both in Asia and across the globe.


- World leader in foreign trade and investment.

- Ranked No. 5 in the world for Competitiveness and most competitive in Asia.

- Ranked No. 4 as a Financial Hub

- Have the most motivated work force in the Asia and is ranked 3rd in the world.

- Immigration laws for foreign talent are the least restrictive in the world.

GLOBAL COMPETITIVENESS: A comprehensive annual survey conducted by the World Economic Forum indicated that Singapore’s Global Competitiveness moved up to No. 5 around the world in 8th September 2009.

PRIMER EDUCATION: Singapore is a premier education hub which provides excellent education opportunities for both local and international students. Singapore offers students an international perspective and also diversity of options, in an environment that is inspiring and conducive to education.

EDUTRUST: As part of the Singapore Governments effort to strengthen its vision as a Global Education Hub, a new regulatory Certification Scheme is expected to be introduced towards the end of 2009. This certification scheme will replace the current CASE TRUST.

This new certification EDUTRUST -not only improves the private education sector but ensures that student’s welfare; particularly tuition fees are protected. Learning experience and value of the qualification obtained are safeguard.

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