Which career to choose? This is the first question that comes to the mind of many students. "Balaji Overseas" guides you through the maze by asking you a lot of questions like what exactly is your area of interest and why? Is there any particular university that you wish to apply for and why? Want are your future plans after you complete the course? What parameters you have in your mind while you select your course and what are your priorities.

We at "Balaji Overseas" put ourselves in your shoes to understand you better and help you to find solutions best suited to your profile and / or parameters ensuring that you choose the best Career Path to make your future bright.


Once we help the student choses the path, comes in the profile analysis where our expert counselors analyze your career aspirations and academics to search for the best universities for you and help you with the suitable options available. We understand that this decision will plan your career and hence analysis of the profile is a very crucial step.


It is not merely filling application forms, but making sure that we help you in taking the next step in the right direction. We completely understand that the student will invest their precious time, money and energy and hence we guide you the best in choosing the right country, right university and right course that perfectly fits student’s career or personal goals and which best suits personal, academic and financial profile and parameters.


After a face to face, personal counseling session, the students then choses the right Course and the right university, which brings us to the next step of apply for seeking admission. We guide you with the list of documents needed in a proper order and the best time to apply to the chosen university.

We also guide you with the letter of recommendations (LOR’s), statement of purposes (SOPs), format of your portfolio, presentation, essay if needed to be added with your applications to make it an error free application, enabling you to get through this vital step of the whole process.


All students & parents are haunted by the cost related to studies abroad. The cost varies from country to country and university to university, depending upon the course students would like to pursue. Our experienced counselors are updated with the scholarships as and when they are available and guide you with the process needed to achieve these scholarships:

We assist in:

Getting financial aid in terms of Scholarships / Research Assistantship / Teaching Assistantship.

Getting Tuition Waivers.

Getting Bursaries depending on academic strength.

Informing about smaller scholarships offered by Universities.


We have arrangements with nationalized banks offering educational loans for higher studies. We also help with the entire procedure, starting from eligibility criteria and selection of bank, to making loan application, preparing required documentation etc.


Further, looking at the difficulties being faced by students in getting their VISA, "Balaji Overseas" has opened its unique Visa cell. Our unique and highly experienced visa counseling cell with various divisions dealing with different aspects like:


Personal Development

Confidence Development

Visa Interview Preparation

Under the guidance of experienced hands, makes advisors overseas the most opted choice for students as their career pathway.


We take care of booking flights well in advance to allow ideal departure dates, routes and also best discounts.


We have tie ups with reputed Forex dealers to ensure that our students gets the competitive exchange rates and the prompt services. Foreign exchange is provided in the form of:

Foreign currency

Travelers Cheque

Foreign Currency Notes etc.

As convenient for the student.


"Balaji Overseas" provides pre-departure briefing to students going for studies abroad. A Pre-departure Booklet is being prepared for each student, which will cover all the aspects of initial travel and thereafter the stay during his/her study period. It will provide information on all minute details including the packing list of all the things one should take with him/her while going for higher education. Our job never ends with students and we keep giving our services to students after landing their destination.